• Chocolate Easter Bunnies
  • Chocolate Easter Bunnies
  • Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

$ 8.98

Standing Umbrella Bunny:  Standing tall and ready for a spring shower, these SOLID, delicious, umbrella carrying Easter Bunnies are a sweet treat!  Sold separately, each bunny is 6.4 inches tall with 5.4 oz. solid chocolate and its own sweet jelly bean!

Standing Bunny: Tall, SOLID, and delicious, our Standing Bunnies will bring out the kid in everyone. Sold separately, each bunny stands 7.5" tall, with 11 oz. of chocolate and carries a yummy foil wrapped Easter Egg on its basket.

Sitting Bunny: Rich, SOLID chocolate in the classic Easter Bunny shape.  Sold separately, each bunny is 5.5" tall with 6.4 oz. of chocolate.

Available beginning four weeks prior to Easter Sunday.

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